About fujifredrik

Welcome to my Place!

Fotoshopen and Fujifredrik are the names of my photography adventures over the years.

Everything started in 1987 when I, as a photo-interested high school graduate, got an internship at Fotoquick in Västerås.
Someone who remembers their slogan:

“-Klick, Klick, tick, tick – Fotoquick!”

As far as I can remember, they received some kind of prize for the crazy formulation of fast-developing films. I stayed there for a few years, working at the weekends and holidays. I suppose that was where my eye for colors and calibration was developed. They were extremely careful with the quality of the images that were produced.

Many years later I returned to the same Fotoquick shop, but this time as a shop manager. About twenty months later, I read an advertisement in the newspaper that the Fuji Foto Center in Eskilstuna was for sale and the move to Smedstaden became a fact. Between 2000 and 2006, I owned and managed that shop.

From 2007 onwards I work daytime with economics and evening / weekends with photography and photo courses.

Hence, I can easily be reached via the email or phone evenings and weekends

Greetings Fredrik


Exploring the world through my lenses, slightly retouched with PS.