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Rambo and his girlfriend of the day

Our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Rambo having a great time (?) with his girlfriend at the dogpark in Eskilstuna. Just look at his Eyes 🙂

This capture is from a serie of over 100 photos i took of Rambo. Behind them there´s a fence wich I blurred out in Photoshop. Didn´t want to spend too much time doing this image, therefore the poor quality of the background. Eyes are sharpened, otherwise the image is untouched…

Gotland summer of 2017

Sitting here by the table in Skogstorp, Sweden, remembering our lovely trip to Gotland last summer. We went around the Island, looking for photo opportunities, and found this beauty.

Remembering the wonderful scent of tar from the boat. This is summer in Sweden at it´s best.

The image itself is almost as it came out from my Sony A99. Saturation is increased slightly and the image is sharpened. The rule of thirds is used to balance the composition.