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Rambo and his girlfriend of the day

Our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Rambo having a great time (?) with his girlfriend at the dogpark in Eskilstuna. Just look at his Eyes 🙂

This capture is from a serie of over 100 photos i took of Rambo. Behind them there´s a fence wich I blurred out in Photoshop. Didn´t want to spend too much time doing this image, therefore the poor quality of the background. Eyes are sharpened, otherwise the image is untouched…


Jag kör hundfotograferingar utomhus hos mig i Skogstorp på helgerna nu i höst. Beroende på väder och andra omständigheter experimenterar vi fram lite olika härliga bilder som passar för dagen. Är du intresserad? Kontakta mig!  Hälsningar Fredrik